This Weekend at Jubilee

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This Weekend at Jubilee

There are many opportunities for service and worship this weekend at Jubilee. Here is a sample.

Saturday is the Pine Lake Camp Benefit Sale and Auction at Des Allemands, LA. Pine Lake is important to Jubilee for many reasons and we are grateful to support the camp at this annual event. If you:
* want to know more about the sale, contact Dara Dominici
* have items to donate, call Duane Maust
* need a ride or directions to Des Allemands, call Duane Maust
* want to help with the wildly fun (really) baking day today, let Elaine Maust know

Sunday is World Communion Sunday. In celebration, Pastor Matilde Acosta of the local Hispanic Church of God will be our preacher. We are also indebted to Claudio Aguilar who is returning to us from the New Orleans area to translate for Pastor Acosta. You may remember Claudio as a recent revival preacher at Jubilee. We all will share in the communion service as a response to the service.

Please note that in our continuing efforts to provide a safe place for worship, at 10:45 the doors to the kitchen and hall by the Sojourner’s Room (back parking lot and 9th street entrances) will be locked. If you are coming late, please use the parking lot on 28th Avenue. The doors by the office, into the sanctuary and the 9th street entrance by the food pantry will remain unlocked all morning. If you have questions about this, please talk to one of the Elder Team: James Dominici, Joel Beachy, Fern Diener, Anita Wansley, or Duane or Elaine.

Hoping that you feel God’s peace and care today.  See you on Sunday!

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