Bulletin info for May 17, 2009

Worship Leader: Joel Beachy
Song Leader: Theresa Ladnier Chisolm



This Week at Jubilee...

Upcoming Events


Jr Youth, join us for a pool party at the Shelly house this Friday, May 22. All those interested in carpooling should plan to meet at the church at 4:00. We’ll return there for pick-up at 8:00. To help with food, please see Cynthia Clymer for the sign-up sheet. Thanks!

Acting upon the recommendation of the leadership discernment team, the church council would like to announce that Anita Wansley will begin working as Ministry Coordinator starting on June 1, 2009. We are grateful for her willingness to serve in this position.

Jubilee wants to help youth who are part of our congregation and want to go to Pine Lake Summer Camp, but need some assistance to be able to go. Two ways you can help are to donate money to Jubilee’s scholarship fund or to sponsor someone. If you are interested in donating, mark your gift “camp scholarship.” If you’re willing to be a sponsor, want to suggest someone we should sponsor, or have other questions, contact Lisa Shelly.

Pine Lake Camp will be holding summer staff orientation May 23-27. If you would be willing to prepare a meal during this time, please contact Cheryl Landis. There will be approximately 20 people at orientation.

Are you curious about what’s happening at Mennonite Church USA Convention 2009 in Columbus, Ohio, June 30 to July 5? Check out the convention website for a list of seminars, worship speakers, late night events, which issues the delegates will be discussing, or how to register for this event.

Happy Birthday to Katherine Gunera (today), Orlando Horne (May 20), and Donna Stehr (May 21)!