Bulletin info for November 16, 2008

Youth Sunday



This Week at Jubilee...

Upcoming Events


There will be a baby shower for Christine Maust Beachy this evening at 6:00 in the gym. All church ladies are invited. Questions, see Melody Clymer.

At last Abraham and Sarah had the miracle son God promised to them. Now God asks Abraham to do an astonishing thing. Read Genesis 22 and join us on Wednesday night for Jubilee's Bible Study. A simple meal will be served at 6:00 in the gym. Bible Study begins in the sanctuary at 6:30. Questions? See Anita Wansley.

There will be a Healing Retreat at Pine Lake Camp on December 5-6. This retreat is for persons looking for spiritual, emotional, or physical healing; for those who need a special touch from God. You can find a brochure about this retreat by the camp bulletin board. For more information, talk to Jeff or Cheryl Landis or Elaine Maust.

Join us on Saturday, December 6 at 7:00 for the Ladies’ Christmas Party! Please bring one snack to share and a wrapped $5 gift for our annual exchange. See Cynthia Clymer with questions or directions to her house.

Children, a copy of hello has been placed in your family’s mailbox. In this issue you will learn about Uma Djuric, age 9, and her country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Happy Birthday to Ashley Chisolm (today), Mike Clymer (Nov 10), Kelsey Ladnier (Nov 10), Allison Topcik (Nov 11), and Joel Martinez (Nov 11), and Happy Anniversary to Marvin & Milli Floyd (Nov 10)!