Reach Out and Touch Him

by Duane Maust
Mark 5: 21-43
October 5, 2008

We are planning to have a healing service this morning after my sermon. Jesus was busy doing healing while he was walking the earth. In these verses just ahead of today Jesus just got done healing the man with an evil spirit. He put a pig farmer out of business. You can read the first part of the chapter to learn about that healing.

Here Jesus just crossed the lake in a boat. He probably was trying to get away from the mob of people that was following him. Maybe there were some farmers not so happy. The word went around the country about what Jesus was doing. So here we have a large crowd at the edge of the lake meeting him as he comes to shore. A ruler of the synagogue, Jairus, came up to Jesus. He was needing help quickly. His daughter was dying. He knew Jesus could help the situation.

Read verse 23-24

Now we start where Elaine just read. This sick lady interrupted the story. This is not what Jairus had in mind. He wanted Jesus to get to his daughter’s bed as fast as he could. His daughter is dying. He needs help “el prompto.” Jesus needed to be there right away.

This must be an important story. It is recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It must have made an impression on them that day.

This lady is not mentioned by name. It says that she had been bleeding for 12 years. Her blood was not clotting normally. It probably caused her to be weak, tired, and having little energy. She probably felt drained all the time.

What did this mean for her in the Jewish law? She was untouchable. She was not to be around people. She couldn’t marry. She couldn’t go in to the temple. She was an outcast. If anyone would touch her, they would be considered unclean themselves. If you would touch her, you would have to wash all your clothes, take a bath, and be considered unclean until the evening. She infected everyone and everything that she touched. For 12 years she lived in isolation.

What was she doing in this crowd today? Why did she touch Jesus?

It sounds like she tried everything. She suffered a great deal under a lot of doctors and spent all her money. She was at her wit’s end. Here she comes to Jesus just to touch him. She was showing faith in him. She knew he could heal her. She had faith in Jesus.

Romans 10:17 “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”

She had faith. Hearing about Jesus is important, but that alone can’t heal you. Romans 10:13 says that “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” She heard about Jesus. Then in faith she went and met him for healing.

This was a dangerous thing for her to do. She wasn’t to be in a crowd like this, let alone touch someone on purpose. She was unclean. She would contaminate Jesus.

Jesus was getting used to being around those people. He healed the lepers. That didn’t bother Jesus.

She just tried to touch the corner of Jesus’ garment. She just wanted a touch of Jesus. She thought she could slip in and out and not be noticed in the crowd. She could not approach Jesus the way Jairus did. He could get in Jesus’ face. She still was able to see Jesus.

Jesus has time for you and I.

She was noticed.

Read the last part of verse 30

I think Jesus knew what had happened and just wanted to make a point of it. The people around didn’t notice. He wanted them to notice what was happening.

What happened? She was healed just like that.

Read verse 33

Trembling-fear-whole truth

Jesus already knew the whole truth. But he likes to hear us tell him. He likes to hear what we are feeling.

Read verse 34

Here Jesus is multitasking. What is happening to the little girl who he was on his way to heal?

Jesus was not getting there quick enough. Word just came that the little girl died. She really was sick.

Read verse 36

So Jesus took just a small delegation. He took Peter, James, and John to the house. There was a commotion going on. They were already mourning the loss of this 12 year old girl. There were people crying. When someone that young dies, it is really shocking.

Read verse 39

Tell about parents and small delegation going into the child’s room.

Read verse 41

I am not sure about the orders Jesus gives them next. Don’t tell anyone!!! I don’t think that worked well if I had to guess.

Why did I want to tell these stories today? I wanted to remind us how Jesus can change lives. He can heal. He can bring someone back to life. He has power over everything. He has power over bleeding. He has power over evil spirits. He has power to heal you. He may not be walking the streets in Meridian today, but his Holy Spirit is with us. He can heal our hurts and pains today.

Jesus brings hope for those people in the story today. The people said, “Don’t bother the Teacher, there is nothing anyone can do now.” Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.”

The people had a voice of despair, Jesus had a voice of hope.

What had been a house of death came alive with joy and gladness and amazement.

There is the contract between the unrestrained distress of the mourners and the calm serenity of Jesus. They were wailing and weeping and tearing their hair and rending their garments in distress; Jesus was calm and quiet and in control. He can give us that quiet and control today.

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